Monday, July 30, 2012

Green-fingered squatters' eviction fight

Squatters are rarely the most popular residents in a neighbourhood.

But on Vineries Close in Sipson, west London, resides a group of squatters many of the local people are keen to see stay.

Residents say they like the occupants because they have turned what was once a "derelict mess", into a thriving market garden.

The squatters have renovated greenhouses and grow lettuces, courgettes and squashes that would raise the eyebrow of many an organic greengrocer.

Here's my BBC News feature.

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this is lemonade said...

Oooh interesting article. Do you know what the outcome of the legal battle was or are they still waiting for it to go to a higher court?

I fell onto your blog via Tired of London by the way :-)